Our Approach

It is important to remember that every individual learns differently and thus has an inimitable learning style. "Approximately 20 to 30 percent of the school-aged population remembers what is heard; 40 percent recalls well visually the things that are seen or read; many must write or use their fingers in some manipulative way to help them remember basic facts and other people only process information or imbibe skills unless they use them in real-life activities. For some, aural input is most valuable, others rely upon a visual style. Still others learn through kinesthetic means, or a combination of the three. Every person has one primary learning mode. Once we identify that mode, we can imbibe it and enhance your learning experience.

We use a 5-step approach to deliver the right training solution for you.

" Binimbibe’s 5-step approach reflects our commitment in supporting your every step of the way."

Our Training Programs:

• Interactive and Dynamic
• Auditory, Visual & Hands-on
• Full-time or Part-time
• Structured Schedule
• Peer Networking
• Class Discussions and Group    work

Online Live Training

• An extension of the      classroom
• Remote access
• Real time interaction with    Trainers
• Peer networking
• Interactive & engaging
• Cost effective for large area.

Our training solutions will:

• Increase your probabilities to    get a good Job with expected    salary.
• Increase your Efficiency
• Increase Job Satisfaction
• Increase a Company Image