Our Work

"Computer Education for Weaker Section" Program is to be launched through EXCEL NET COMPUTERS and its partner institutions. The project is been chalked out extensively to bring out the hidden talents form various parts of the country.


It deals with the weaker sections of the society who are debarred from costly education line computer. The main motive behind this program is to create computer- literate people.

The organization has already started a appointing partner Institutions to assist them in carrying out the program successfully, as it is to be launched with highest standards and best of faculties.

The motto of the program is not only to develop of a good base of trained end users but also to create an opportunities for many to under to various high- end training program in computers.

The specialty of this program is that is cost effective and can be easily afforded by every body. No, doubt, this being a golden opportunity for the people of all communities to beneficiate themselves, at the same time it is also an opportunity of century for existing IT Organization and IT professionals who wants to setup a business of their own.

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